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  • You like Nexiwave Voicemail-to-text service
  • You believe Nexiwave can greatly save your employee's time as they don't have to listen to voicemails
  • You don't want to create a Nexiwave account for each employee's email address
  • You want one Nexiwave account to cover all Nexiwave related costs


You can easily enable Nexiwave Voicemail-to-text for your users with our "Sub-Accounts" feature. Two steps are required:

Step 1: List your users' email addresses in your Nexiwave "Sub-Accounts" page.
Step 2: Direct your users' voicemail emails to Nexiwave.

How to direct my users' voicemail emails to Nexiwave?

Nexiwave offers flexible ways to work with all email service providers/software:

  • Instructions for all Exchange versions / Exchange Online / Office365 emails.
  • Instructions for Google G-Suite Hosted Gmails.
  • Email service provided by other email provider/software:

    Automatic forward function is a basic function for all business email hosting services / software. This is widely used for features like compliance, audit and many more. In general, you can add a "Routing" rule in your email service configuration to automatic forward a copy of voicemail email to our dispatch address: dispatch@nexiwave.com. In plain English, the rule is like this: when the sender is "voicemail@mycompany.com" (change to your voicemail email sender address), forward a copy to "dispatch@nexiwave.com".

  • Manually change each user's voicemail email delivery address:

    If the number of users is small, you can also manually change your user's vociemail email address in your phone system to their corresponding Nexiwave custom email address. Your users' Nexiwave custom email address is always listed in your "Sub-Accounts" page


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