Excel/CSV Upload as Sub-Accounts

Having your users in Excel? Simply export your list as a CSV file and upload it to your Sub-Accounts page.


  • Easy Drag-Drop: Simply drag-drop your CSV file to Sub-Accounts page.
  • Easy for cross reference: CSV columns are captured for each Sub-Accounts.¬†
  • Searchable: search Sub-Accounts by your csv column values.


  1. Export your Excel user list as .CSV file.
  2. Log into your Nexiwave account and go to Sub-Accounts page.
  3. Drag-drop your CSV file(s) to the input section:
  4. Nexiwave will analyze your CSV:
  5. Click "Add to SUb-Accounts Now".
  6. Email address in each row is captured as Sub-Accounts. Other columns are captured as attributes to the each Sub-Accounts:


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