Forward To Nexiwave via Google App Gmail Rule


As an Google G Suite administrator, you can create a "G Suite" Gmail Rule to automatically forward your users' voicemail emails to Nexiwave for Voicemail Transcription processing.


  • One time configuration for all your users.


  • A Nexiwave account.
  • Enrolled your users as "Sub-Accounts".


  1. Go to your G Suite Admin Console:, and click "Apps":
  2. Click "G Suite Core Services":
  3. Click "Gmail":
  4. Go to the bottom and click "Advanced Settings":
  5. In "Routing", click "Configure":
  6. Add a new routing as follows (Make sure the sender filter matches your telephony provider's voicemail email sender address):
  7. Click "Add" in "Also deliver to" section.
  8. Use "" in recipient address:
  9. (The rule basically says: copy any emails sent by my voicemail server to nexiwave)
  10. Click "Save" to save the additional recipient address.
  11. Click "Add Setting" to save this route setting.


That’s it – your users' voicemail emails will now be copied to Nexiwave for transcription. Nexiwave will transcribe and send a transcribed version email (including both the transcript and audio) back to your user.
PS: don't forget to list your users in your Nexiwave Sub-Accounts section, otherwise their voicemail emails to Nexiwave will be ignored.


Q & A

  • Do I still need to change each user's voicemail email address to the Nexiwave custom email address?
    No. When the email is sent to "", our system is smart enough to check other recipients in the email headers and find their corresponding Nexiwave account.
  • My users receive two email copies of same voicemail. How can we fix it?
    You can choose Replace the recipient to "", so as your users will only receive the Nexiwave transcribed version of voicemail emails (which includes both the transcript and audio attachment). This is safe: Nexiwave uses 9 level of email backup servers and we haven't missed any emails since 2009. The choice is yours though. Here's how: in the "Also deliver to" section above, you can choose "Advanced" option and then "Replace recipient" (make sure you check the "Add X-Gm-Original-To header" option):

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