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Automated speech recognition is being used by leading corporate, government, legal, education and medical organizations throughout the world for various tasks. From deep audio search, automated meaning extraction and categorization, qualitative market research, to simply displaying the text as subtitle, Nexiwave hosted speech recognition service is changing the way the world using multimedia content. With over 90% accurately recognized text from audio, many innovative applications are becoming possible.


With Nexiwave's Hosted Speech Transcription service, you can convert your audio to text in two simple steps: posting audio to our server and receive the text back. No complicated software installation or configuration are required. Powered by professionally maintained automated speech recognition engine, you can now integrate cutting-edge speech recognition technology in your application easily.

Why Hosted?

Speech recognition is extremely CPU intensive. This is particularly true for open domain large vocabulary speech, where the speaker is not restricted to a grammar (or a small set of words). A farm of computers is often required when the audio volume is large. A dedicated computer farm is however often wasteful for a single application due to volume variations during the day.


Nexiwave is able to make sure the best utilization of our computing resources since we pool the processing requests from different applications and continents. The direct result is that we can offer a service at a price that is much lower than the cost any single application can produce.


In addition, you are freed up from the complex process of preparing speech models and upgrading. For example, new and ever more strange words are created each year. Our speech experts are always on the look out for those popular new words and they are constantly added into our speech engine. With Nexiwave's hosted service, you can be sure the latest and best speech engine is at your service.


  • Most accurate machine transcription service
  • Open domain speech.
  • Very simple API: integrate in five minutes
  • Nearly all multimedia formats are supported
  • Hosted by Nexiwave, works with any platform
  • By-the-seconds billing

Target Users:

  • Developers looking to add speech recognition capability to their applications.

Target Applications:

  • Application needs to convert open domain speech to text.
  • Application needs to work in resource restricted environment, such as mobile environment, where the CPU is much less powerful and power consumption is highly limited.
  • Application doesn't have access to a farm of computers in house.
  • Application doesn't have speech expert on the team, or not intend to hire one.


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