SMTP Relay Configuration for Mitel NuPoint

Nexiwave has full support for Mitel NuPoint VM. Once setup, your NuPoint Voicemail emails will be routed through Nexiwave. Any emails with audio attachment will be transcribed as voicemail and deliver to the recipients. Any emails without audio attachment will be relayed as it is.


  • Nexiwave account with a paid subscription plan.


(You must use the MSL Server Manager to configure the SMTP server settings. Once setup is complete, you can review the settings in the NuPoint Web Console (in the Offline Configuration under Unified TCP/IP) or in MSL.)

  1. Log in to the MSL Server Manager as "admin."
  2. From the navigation tree, click Configuration, and then click E-Mail Settings.
  3. Click the Change button to change these settings:
    Server to use for outbound SMTP 
    Destination port for outbound SMTP 587 
    Mail Server User ID <Your Nexiwave Username> 
    Mail Server Password <Your Nexiwave Password>
  4. Click Save.



Please refer full Mitel NuPoint manual for more details.

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