and UbiCast Partner to Offer Next-Generation Deep Audio Search

Nexiwave today announced a strategic partnership with UbiCast, a leading webcast equipment and hosting provider. Through the partnership, UbiCast will offer deep audio search as a standard, cost-effective feature to its customers.

Deep audio search is the ability to search for and locate - with a high degree of accuracy - a spoken word or phrase in media assets such as webcasts, videos and conference calls. With this new feature, consumers will be able to easily search and jump to exact points of interest.

Florent Thiery, CTO of UbiCast, commented: "UbiCast customers produce large amounts of high-value content, but finding and retrieving archived information has been a challenge. Until now, rich spoken content has not been searchable on a broad scale because it was simply too expensive to process. Searches have been limited to metadata such as titles and dates. The new technology, which is accelerated by GPUs, is making ubiquitous processing cost-justifiable for the first time ever."

"Information does not exist if it cannot be found," said Benjamin Jiang, CEO of "Our mission is to unlock and discover the vast amount of spoken content that exists on the web and in media assets."


The amount of speech content that could potentially be indexed and searched is huge. For example, there are hundreds of millions of podcasts on the web, with 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. Conference call companies carry over a billion minutes of calls per month. The objective of speech indexing is to enable fast, cost-effective and accurate extraction of spoken information from archived audio and video content. Through the use of advanced technologies and hardware, the solution achieves as much as a 70X speedup over current solutions, reducing costs by as much as 85%.

About UbiCast

UbiCast is a leading provider of automated rich media capture products, including EasyCast, a solution for creating and sharing professional video webcasts, and ForuMedia, a solution for one-push online publishing. For more information, contact or visit

About Nexiwave

Nexiwave is the first commercial GPU-accelerated speech indexing service provider. The company's services include audio search, speech-to-text output for speech analytics, automated subtitles, speaker segmentation and transcription time stamping. Nexiwave 2.0, accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA, was released in June 2010 and is in production. Nexiwave offers SaaS (software as a service) and cloud computing solutions as well as software licenses. Nexiwave is an active user of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment and is planning to incorporate the newly-announced Amazon EC2 Cluster GPU Instances into its services. For more information, contact

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