Nexiwave Medical Edition

Since the start of the pandemic, call volumes to medical service providers have significantly increased, and the number of voicemails increased many folds. Nexiwave Medical Edition is a cloud based Voicemail Transcription service tailored specially for the medical industry.

Instead of having to listening to the voicemails, which can often take minutes to even process a single voicemail, Nexiwave Medical Edition can transcribe your voicemails and deliver the transcript as emails (with wav file attached). You can glance through the transcribed text in seconds and decide the appropriate follow-up action, eg, call back or ignore. With Nexiwave's 99% accurate phone number recognition and smart call-back features, the call-back number is just a click of the mouse away.


Nexiwave Medical Edition has all other easy-to-use Nexiwave features, plus:

  • Medical Vocabulary: Nexiwave understands some often-used medical words/phrases would rarely be used in other conversation settings, such as names of certain medicines or names of medical symptoms. Nexiwave extensively collected many of your domain words and prepared into our medical machine transcription dictionary.
  • 99% Phone Number Accuracy: phone numbers left in voicemails are transcribed with extra high accuracy setting, with close to 99% accuracy.
  • Smart Call-Back: call-back numbers are automatically determined and presented in the transcription email subject, as well as highlighted and clickable in transcription text.
  • 100% Privacy: Nexiwave uses 100% fully automated machine transcription service. No human transcriber is used in any of the transcription steps.
  • HIPAA Compliant: not only because this is required by law, the safety of your patients' data is also super important to us. Nexiwave follows up-to-date HIPAA standard practices, record keeping, system maintenance, on-demand usage/audit report and much more.
  • Nothing to Leak: once processed, your voicemails and related transcripts are purged from our system. No sensitive data stored = no sensitive data to leak!

Target Audiences

Nexiwave Medical Edition targets the voicemail needs of:

  • Medical clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Medical laboratories
  • Hospitals

How To

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