No more annoying captcha

Ahh, captchas... Don't we all hate them? Why do we have to type those letters and pick those hard-to-see images just to prove that we are human?

Well, Nexiwave has to admit, shamefully, that we were using this method too. Not to annoy our visitors (obviously), but to filter out bots. With the free service, we had plenty of them. 

Well, as you may have noticed, we have phased out captcha from our site. Big kudos to google's reCaptcha, we have replaced our image based captcha with google's non-interruptive reCaptcha. The drawback is another off-site service that we don't have control, but we felt the benefit to our visitors is pretty significant.

Of course, like any cloud services, google reCpatcha may fail, simply not available or like many google service, terminated by google. If any of these situations happen, our site will simply fall back to the old way of image based human verification. So far however, it has been awesome. 

So, please try and do let us know your feedback on facebook or tweet to us.

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