Nexiwave announces more accurate, faster Voicemail Transcription service

Nexiwave, the leading Hosted Voicemail Transcription service provider, has unveiled a more accurate and faster Voicemail Transcription service, Nexiwave 12.0.

This new release contains a revamped speech engine core that delivers much more robust results with faster speed.

"Better accuracy and faster speed has always been two factors that worked against each other. Our technical team was able to achieve this through a total rewrite of our speech engine core. During our tests, we received overwhelming positive feedback from beta testers. We have shown that our accuracy has improved to over 85% general accuracy and near 99% for call numbers left in voicemails. We also improved the speed by nearly 1/3", said Ben Jiang, Nexiwave Co-Founder and CTO.

This new speech engine core is part of Nexiwave 12.0 and available immediately for all Nexiwave users. 


For more information, please contact Nexiwave at

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