Nexiwave Canada Releases Nexiwave 5.0 with upgraded and more robust Speech-to-Text technology

Today Nexiwave, one of Canada’s premier technology providers of speech-to-text technology has released the latest version of its Speech-to-Text Engine, Nexiwave 5.0.

“We are really excited about this latest version of our technology”, said Nexiwave’s co-Founder and CTO, Ben Jiang. “This newest version of Nexiwave 5.0 introduces several critical technological advancements, with significant accuracy improvements. Our new average accuracy should now be above 80% and higher on most audio conditions.”

Asked about the market, co-Founder, Nickolay Shmyrev said, “We are aggressively targeting the small to medium sized markets focused on iApps as well as traditional users of speech-to-text technology such as TELCOs, large Marketing companies and the transcription markets.” Nexiwave has been steadily increasing its customer base over the last year and is expected to double its growing client list over the next year.

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