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Nexiwave Voicemail Transcription service can be fully customized with your brand.


  • No Coding: Nexiwave handles all customization work. No development tasks are required on your side;
  • Quick Action: Changes typically require less than ten minutes to take effect;


The following areas can be fully customized:

  • Email Subject and Body: Outgoing email subject and body to include your logo and brand name;
  • From Address: Outgoing emails to use your from address;
Showing Nexiwave brand below, this sample email can be fully customized via your Nexiwave Management Console (Login -> Setting dropdown -> White-Label Config):


Free Evals

Voicemail Transcription is awesome, but not too many people realize until they try it out. If you are a Nexiwave reseller using our SMTP Relay service, we can offer white-labelled Free Evals to your users, without any additional cost to you. Here's how it works: as Nexiwave relays your emails:

  • if an email has audio attachment;
  • the recipient is not in your Sub-Accounts list;
  • the recipient first use of the service is within the Free Eval period;

Nexiwave would then process the email just like as if the recipient is already enrolled in your Sub-Accounts list.

What happens after the Free Eval period?

After the Free Eval period, if the recipient still has not signed up to the service, the recipient would receive the Voicemail email, with the audio attached, but with the transcript field containing message like:

Free eval period (60 days) finished. Consider signing up for a paid plan via <your purchase link>

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