Voicemail to text - a study

Disruptive technologies like voice transcription have changed how end users consume messaging.  Nexiwave’s internal studies have shown that Voicemail to text service greatly enhances call completion because the text versions facilitate message prioritization and improve the call completion decision making process.  Frost & Sullivan states that Visual Voicemail has shown a revenue increase ranging from $0.60 to $1.25 per user per month.  Our studies have shown that adding Voicemail to text increase this ARPU by an additional 10% when compared to Visual Voicemail deployments without Voicemail to text.  Voicemail to text also increases voicemail deposits as much as 20% due to the fact that callers are more inclined to leave a message knowing that recipients will get a transcription and the message will be read immediately.  For this reason Nexiwave developed Voicemail to text service, a service that transcribes voicemail messages to text and to be delivered via SMS or Email.


Your Benefits

Faster time to market - Hosted Service options for ease of deployment

Increases voice and data revenues due to increased responses and download of audio files

Offer a differentiated service in an otherwise commoditized voice and SMS market


Users Benefits

Simple to use - Auto-provisioning via SMS or Email; read and reply to messages in any order by calling or texting

Provides high automated transcription accuracy… no human intervention needed

Provides rapid transcription to the subscriber

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