Simple Callback API

Instead of holding the connection open while Nexiwave transcribes your voicemail to text, Nexiwave can issue a callback to your server when the audio was transcribed.


Two simple steps are required:

Nexiwave Callback Flow
Step 1: Post audio just like the synchronized request, but with an additional parameter "deliveryTarget" in the URL. The request will now return as soon as the audio is received.
Example: Post audio with wget:
wget -q --post-file /data/audio/test.wav --password=mypassword --header="Content-Type: audio/vnd.wav" -O - ""
The response to this call will be like the synchronized ones, but without the "text" field.
Example response
Step 2: As soon as the transcript is ready, Nexiwave will issue a HTTP Post call to the callback URL supplied, with the transcript encoded as parameter 'text' in the post body.
A sample Nexiwave HTTP Post CallBack (some HTTP headers omitted for clarity):
POST /nexiwave123?recordingId=12345&externalKey=MYKEY123&status=FINISHED HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 50
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Your server can now easily decode the transcript and any other parameters in the callback.



 For more information, consult Nexiwave API document.


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