Transcribe Outlook Voicemail to Text

Compared to the default Voicemail Preview engine in Outlook/Lync, Nexiwave engine produces considerably better quality Voicemail Preview text. With Outlook/Lync Unified Messaging, it's easy to configure Nexiwave as your Outlook/LYNC Voicemail Preview provider. Instructions from Microsoft Technet Info:


Here are step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Check your Voicemail Transcriber:


Step 2: As per the instruction from Microsoft technet: Use the Shell to set the Voicemail Preview partner address:

Set-UMMailboxPolicy -identity MyUMMailboxPolicy -VoiceMailPreviewPartnerAddress <my voicemail transcriber email address>


That's it. Outlook will now send your Voicemail to Nexiwave for transcription. You will receive Voicemail audio and transcript from Nexiwave within 5 minutes of the receiving of the voicemail audio.


Alternatively, you may also consider an integration with our simple API, in which Outlook/LYNC can directly interact with our server over secure channel.

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